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Carole Kinoti is a creative in the fashion industry with over 19 years’ experience. Her passion and creativity has led her to develop not only a high end known brand but also a series of initiatives in a bid to transform the Kenyan fashion industry into a more accessible, sustainable and ethical industry. She seeks to bring transformation in the fashion industry by paving the way for creatives to scale their businesses. She is a humanitarian who aims to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable through the power of partnerships. She is the founder of Carole Kinoti Brands, Fashion on The Road (FoTR) and The Mavazi Elevate Program (MEP) and the Chairperson of People on the Move.

Carole Kinoti Brands has The Carole Kinoti Collections, Branded Uniforms and Interior Design Consultancy. Under the ready to wear line there are 4 collections so far, the Hariri, Rafaela, Dhahabu and the Blanketi Collection. Carole’s designs feature fabric such as silk and fleece and are synonymous with the kaftans and more recently, the signature Dhahabu Cuff.

Fashion on The Road is a county by county tour that looks for solutions around the fashion industry by engaging women, people with disabilities and youth in value addition processes and creation of Made In Kenya fashion products. FoTR Caravan promotes reuse and recycling of used clothes and textile waste. The annual FoTR cultural golf encourages Kenyans to celebrate our culture and heritage.

Mavazi Elevate Programme aims to empower fashion creatives by training them on how to turn talent into trade.

  1. Product Development – The Dhahabu Cuff, batik dyeing
  2. Entrepreneurial skills
  3. Sewing Machine Operators

People on the move is a non-profit organisation that is founded to create awareness on safe migration. POTM addresses migrants, refugees and victims of human trafficking. The organisation supports these by promoting talent, culture and creativity within the refugee and migrant community by empowering, educating and elevating them through fashion, music and art.

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  1. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    Big Daddy - Beige
    big daddy - beige
    As low as $67.94
  2. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    Big Daddy - Yellow
    big daddy - yellow
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  3. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    The Pyramid
    the pyramid
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  4. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    The Big Daddy - Fleece
    the big daddy - fleece
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  5. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    The Butterfly - Fleece
    the butterfly - fleece
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  6. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    The Little Afro Dress
    the little afro dress
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  7. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    Big Daddy - Rust
    big daddy - rust
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  8. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    Safari Wear Flocape - Giraffe
    safari wear flocape - giraffe
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  9. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    Safari Wear Flocape - Zebra
    safari wear flocape - zebra
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  10. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    The Gina Coat
    the gina coat
    As low as $180.00
  11. CAROLE KINOTI no imageKenya
    The Cave - Fleece with Shuka
    the cave - fleece with shuka
    As low as $55.00

11 Items

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